a million little choices…

We conversed over the rumble
of the mancub’s little mighty truck
as we wandered country roads
on our way to the city.

My man was a man on a mission,
driving Eric’s truck to pick up a few things
to fix his own truck and
he graciously invited me along
he bribed me with dinner out.

I chose to go for the time together
and for the $6 Bang! Bang! Shrimp special.

It’s was one of the best choices
I made this week.

We talked about our season of life,
of marriages around us struggling,
of people we know and love
lost in unmet expectations
and mid-life crisis.

“If you can get to your 25th anniversary
and then watch your marriage fall apart,
what truly makes a good marriage?” I asked.

“Choices,” my wise man replied.
“The million little choices that all of us make
every single day add up to the direction our lives take.”



I’ve pondered his words since.

Everything is a choice.

Newton might even say…
for every decision
there is an equal and opposite choice.

I want to chose well
and I’ve made far too many choices
seeking the favor of others,
to the detriment of those I love the most.

I’ve based my decision
on the favor of others,
even on my persception of how they will react.

No more.



This has been my summer
of learning to choose well…

choosing to let go of things that
take me away from my four

choosing to let go of my perceptions
of other’s expectations

choosing to say yes to moments
and country drives

and choosing to say no
to those things that don’t matter.



I didn’t know that when I chose
to say yes to dinner out,
I was also choosing to have great conversation
and reconnect,
to wander the river and watch the water fall,
and to share my faith journey with the one I love the most.

These were the hidden gifts
wrapped inside.

If every decision
has an equal and opposite choice…

I want to my million little choices
to be good ones.

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2 thoughts on “a million little choices…

  1. Thanks for sharing. In the middle of a big choice right now.

    1. praying peace and joy in the midst of the choice. Choosing well is not the easy path.

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