as the deer… {giveaway winner tucked at the end}


I’ve seen them often enough
to no longer be enthralled.
For twenty years, we’ve shared our
little patch of earth with the
an abundance of North American White-Tailed Deer.

They tend to destroy anything I grow…
my Mother’s Day apple tree was a quick treat to them,
my berry bushes are their dessert,
and the hostas under my bedroom window?
Well, apparently, they are not afraid to come close.

They are beautiful creatures.

Yet, I’d rather have one in the freezer
than two in the yard.

As He often does,
God has been using the ordinary
to teach me extraordinarily.

I can hardly explain what I know
in my heart to be true…
for the past month,
God has been strategically placing
deer in my path to remind me of His love….

Four weeks ago,
I quite literally almost ran smack dab
into a beautiful doe as I was walking a path in our woods.
I rounded the bend and she stepped out.
I could have reached out and stroked her.
We shared a moment of staring at each other
before she meandered away, totally unafraid.
This… just after a time of sweet prayer and praise
while picking summer berries.

A few days later,
while driving I looked off into the clearing to my right
and there stood another looking right at me,
this just after I had prayed and asked
(pleaded might be more true).

An early foggy morning a week later,
I sat on my parent’s lake porch
with a hot cup of coffee and a sweet time of prayer
while I watched the lake awaken.
I glanced down briefly
and when I looked up again,
there stood a deer knee deep on the other shoreline
drinking deeply.

Which brings me to this morning,
and my anxious heart.
I’m so very quick to forget that He loves ME.

I know that He loves the world,
I know that He loves my friends,
I know that He loves the ones I love the most,
I just struggle to know that He loves me the most.

So, my anxious heart reads of a friend
and how God is meeting her needs abundantly in a particular way
and my sinful heart reverts to this thought,
“Ok, if I do it the way she did,
God will meet my needs abundantly too.”
Probably not.
God is not one to be manipulated,
nor is He one to be used.

Somewhere deep inside,
I know this.
To the best of my ability,
I wrestled that thought
and attempted to take it captive.

And, then,
I looked out my window.

Two mamas.
Two babies.
Not a bit bothered by me
slowly walking out on my deck to watch them.

and my heart knows that He is in this moment.

My heart spills these words I memorized years ago…

As the deer panteth for the water,
so my soul longeth after you.

Slowly, my soul is learning to
long for my God in this same way…
to wake up thirsty for Him.
to turn to Him often in praise rather than request,
to wait rather than manipulate.

Because He loves me.

As the deer longs for streams of water,
so I long for you, O God.
I thirst for God, the living God.
When can I go and stand before him?
Psalm 42:1-2


…as promised, here’s the Notes From A Blue Bike
giveaway winner….
Julie Fisher!
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4 thoughts on “as the deer… {giveaway winner tucked at the end}

  1. i suppose, because they are not in my yard, i still love them when i see them on the hill on my way to town… they gather on the outer hill of a golf course, and i still squeal when i see them.

    and that song? it is my favorite. when we sing it in church (too rarely for me!) the tears roll down my face. “you are my friend and you are my brother even though you are a king….

    1. yes!!! I want to be able to say “You alone are my heart’s desire.” 🙂

  2. Yippee I won! I love a free book!! Thanks Heidi! Love the post, one of my favorite verses.

  3. Beautiful!


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