new year…new numbers

It’s this time of year that makes me all sappy
and introspective when I hear the new numbers…
12th grade
10th grade
5th grade

12 and 10 in the same year???

When did this happen?

School starts next week.
We enrolled Emme in community college last week.
Eric got a new football position and a new number this week,
as well as new college textbooks for his college classes.

I’m reeling just a bit.

This morning I looked at sweet pics on facebook
of my niece and nephew out West.
My nephew starts kindergarten soon.

I miss kindergarten.
To me, kindergarten is full of promise
and future goals
and years ahead.

I’ve spent this summer studying my kids
and wondering…
did we do enough?
did I say too much?
above all else, do they know they are loved?

In these waning days of summer,
the rearing of an incredible man,
and two a day practices,
I am holding moments instead of hands,
taking mental snapshots of time
instead of pictures on my camera,
and saying
thank you so very often
to the One not bound by time or numbers.

Instead of being a sappy mom
tied to the past,
I’m embracing today
because just like my favorite football player,
I have a new position with a new number.

I am a mom
of a high school senior.

I am a mom
of two high school students
who are also college students.

I have this year.

I’m making the most of it.


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