how we get to go…

Last summer, my faith hit rock bottom.
I felt deserted and dejected.
I honestly wondered why God loved everyone but me.

I equated His love with what I thought I wanted.
I looked at other people who had more and that they were loved more.
I got to the end of my rope trying to win His favor.

In the midst of working through that struggle,
I uttered this prayer, “LORD, if you really love me, will you let me go to the Dominican Republic to see my sister?”

The God I asked is the same God who parted the Red Sea for Moses,
held back the waters of the Jordan River for Joshua,
and made a simple shepherd boy a man after His own heart.

I knew that what I asked was not too difficult for Him.

He knew that my faith needed fed much like He fed the Israelites in the desert.


So, instead of parting my Red Sea
and dropping an airline ticket into my mailbox,
He provided so many opportunities for me to earn a little at a time.
$20 here
$10 there
$50 occasionally
and like the manna that the Israelites collected,
my faith was being fed by the One who provides EVERYTHING I could ever need.

As the money in the coffee can grew,
so did my faith.

And in January, all five of us boarded a red-eye flight.
We saw the sun set in Chicago, and the sun rise in Puerto Plata, DR

He gave me what I prayed for
times five!!

We spent 8 wonderful days with my sister, brother, and nieces learning bits and pieces of their life in the Dominican. It was simply enought time to whet our appetites for another visit.

People have said many times…
“It’s so nice that you get to go!”

I agree!

I would even take that statement one step further and say,
“I’m so grateful that God gives us opportunities to earn the funds a little at a time so that our faith can be fed!”

This summer, we’ve picked up our “shovels” again and have been working toward the mountain of funds needed to not only go to the Domnican Republic again; but to also go to Guatemala.

How do we get to go? We simply do odd jobs that people want done. Jobs that typically take an hour or two to finish are what work best in our homeschool, sports, work schedule.

I’m most amazed at the heart changes in all of us when presented with work that needs to be done. We all see it as another opportunity to bring us one step closer to our goal.

Today… we laughed and talked and encouraged each other as we rid a field of milkweed.

Each milkweed plucked takes us one step closer to the cousin’s house.


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