wrecked by an orange shirt…

It was his orange shirt that caught my eye.
I fold one just like it week after week.

Tired, hot, and grumpy, I had just put in 4.5 hours
working the concession stand, answering parents questions,
taking shirt orders, and making a few trips to the grocery store.

I could only think of a cold shower and never entering the concession stand again.

Yet, I found myself slowing down and pulling over
for a kid wearing a shirt like my son’s.

“I’m Eric’s mom,” I rolled the passenger window down.

“I know,” he smiled shyly. I’m glad he recognized me because I’m not sure I remember seeing him before.

“Need a ride?” I asked.

“Um, yeah,” he said opening the door.

“Where are you headed?”

I’m not sure why I was surprised when he told me where he lived. Of course, it was on my way home. God does that sort of thing.

I asked him a few questions about the game that they just won and the position he played. He warmed up to me slightly and we talked the remainder of the trip to his house. I learned much about my new friend. I saw a boy with a soft heart and a rough situation.

“Thanks, Mrs. Kreider!” he said as I pulled up to his house.

I pulled away and whispered, “thanks for the reminder, God!” as tears flooded my vision.

Why does it always seem that I need Him to wreck me before I get it?

My tired and hot heart needed the cool whisper of the Spirit’s nudge. I needed the reminder that I volunteered for this position of co-leading the football parent’s club because I want to spend this season serving these boys. More than anything else, I want them to know that they are loved.

It took seeing my new friend walking home alone today to remind me of my focus. It’s just like God to place a young man in a familiar orange shirt in my path to remind me of what is most important.

…an orange shirt just like the one my favorite Tiger wears often.

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