on the days that run away…

Sorry I didn’t make it today.
My day did not exactly go as planned.

I read her text in the midst of chaos
and I smiled.

My day too!
Yes on tmrw!

I had just enough seconds to thumb
out that reply and hit send
before I shoved my phone back into my pocket…
fifty hungry children queued for hot dogs and cookies
and glimpses of real-life hometown heroes.


What is it about seeing life
through the eyes of a child?
Of seeing 17- and 18-year-olds
through the eyes of a 7- or 8-year-old
and recognizing that they see a
bigger than life hero
when I see a teenage kid?
What is it about a hot dog
and a cookie on a plate
that entices smiles out of the shyest?

It’s amazing
that’s what it is.


On a day that ran away from me
just after the bank
and before the appointment to serve supper,
I lost focus.

I raced here
and blurred there,
all the while,
chasing my own tail.

The tyranny of the urgent
took me all over town
and away from being with
and schooling my girls here at home.

Yet, the running and chasing
helped feed hungry children tonight.
And, the racing hither and yon,
allowed some senior football players a chance to serve.
As far being away from home,
they didn’t need me because
isn’t the beginning of every school year review anyway?


On this day that ran away from me,
I learned something vital…
Kingdom work has no time table.

The running and racing,
the blurred vision and loss of focus…
all that does is get myself out of the way
so that my day can be about His Kingdom.

And tonight, the kingdom work
was feeding hungry bellies and hurting souls.

Good stuff.

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