when time looks you in the eye…

We stood on either side of him
a range of emotion between us.

He was stoic, focused, controlled…
barely smiling, even at the antics of his teammate.


His dad and I?
Much more emotional.

How did we get here?
When did this happen?
Where did time go?

They announced his name
and he escorted us on to the track surrounding the field.


As we walked, we heard the announcer read,
“Thanks for all the support you’ve given me
over the past three years and all the driving you’ve done.
I love you guys!”

We stood and waited as the other seniors and their parents
were announced and I glanced up at the man whose arm I held,
trying to take it all in.


He awkwardly hugged me around the pads
that protect him and walked into the locker room
with his dad and his grandfather for the pre-game prayer.

He went on to play the game of his life
and his team came from behind and won
on a two point conversion with just 1:45 left in the game.


When we met up in the end zone
for the post game celebration,
he was no longer stoic.
A smile a mile wide filled his face.

I looked up into his eyes full of excitement
and realized time was looking back at me.
My questions were answered…
we got here one exciting day at a time,
one memory at a time,
over seventeen blessed years of being called Mom.

I no longer need to ask where the time went,
I look at it every day in the man my boy became.


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2 thoughts on “when time looks you in the eye…

  1. Oh Heidi,
    God gave you the gift to put into words what so many of us Moms go through. I will be praying for you as you walk through this last year of high school with the precious son that God has trusted you both with. I will be praying even more for you as you take him to a college next fall and trust God to take care of him in a whole new world where you cannot see him everyday. Every parent does this, just forgot how hard it would be to drop a 6’1″ man in the middle of Chicago and not see that smiling face everyday. Enjoy every moment of this year, it goes so fast. We are now “Trusting our Lord” with one of the most precious gifts that He every gave us to help mature into a man “with His help”…..yes, even in the middle of Chicago! (Yes, we still have and are shedding many tears, God gave us those too.) Thank you for your post dear friend.

    1. Thanks Belinda and I will be praying for Curtis! ❤

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