when the lies ring loud…

These words greeted me on my facebook wall this morning,
wisdom from the wise Ann reaching deep into my soul…


Lord, yeah, sometimes there’s a whole lot of name calling going on.
You know — when you look at your to-do list at the end of the day & that voice in your head name-calls you wreck… failure… loser. When you look in the mirror & you frown, whisper names about yourself under your breath. When you lay down on the pillow & beat yourself up for getting it wrong… for not doing enough… for being you instead of somebody better.
And Lord, we can feel it, You gently smoothing out the tensions lines & undoing our knots with that whisper:
“I know you well & you are special to me. I know you by name. I’m the One who named you! …
No more will anyone call you Rejected…. and your country will no more be called Ruined. You’ll be called Hephzibah, *My Delight*…
I’ve named you friend — I call you My Treasure. ” Ex33, Isa48, Isa62, Jn15, Deu14
And up over us all right now are stars, a thousand, million, billion blinking stars — and You call every single on of them *by name.*
So when You name us, call us, ‘Beloved’, we turn & answer to our truest name & believe — the Namer of Stars wears the scars of our very name etched into His hand & right through to His heart. The Namer of Stars has named you His. *You are Mine.*
The God who made, named & numbers the stars, names you & pays attention to you & what matters to you, matters into Him… & this is what changes your life, what renames you… Wanted. Beloved. Held.
In the name of the Only One who ever loved us to death & back to the real & forever life… Amen.



…I’ve revisited them more than once this morning
quieting the lies that plagued as I fell asleep last night.
The same lies that stubbornly clung to my heart this morning.

So grateful for The Way, The Truth, The Life!

So grateful that He is the only Way to quiet the lies!
So grateful that He is the only Truth my heart needs!
So grateful that He is the only Life worth living!

And, I’m so grateful for Ann’s words…
In the name of the Only One
who ever loved me to death and back
and to the real and forever Life!

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