falling at the feet of Jesus…

a real-life fairy tale to make you laugh on this Monday morning…


Once upon a time, there was a peasant girl who heard that the Bible queen was in the land. The peasant girl so loved the Bible queen. She had heard recordings of her and had read some of her writings and each time she heard or read, she was touched by the Bible queen’s wisdom and words. So, when the peasant girl had heard that the Bible queen was coming to the land, she pressed upon her peasant boy to buy her a ticket for her birthday. She held on to that ticket for six months waiting for the appointed day.

Eventually, the day came. Peasants from all over traveled great distances to hear the Bible queen. The traffic on the roads moved slowly as they descended upon the great meeting hall. The peasant girl was overwhelmed at the crowds.

Upon entering the great meeting hall, the peasant girl and her traveling companion followed the directions of those in red cloaks whose sole occupation was to seat the throngs of women entering the great meeting hall.

A red cloaked man directed the peasant girl down a few steps to seats available on the second mezzanine. Down she stepped to join her companion.

And, then, much to her dismay, the heal of her shoe caught in a gap between the step and the seat. Before the peasant girl knew what was happening, she was tumbling head first down the steps of the great hall leaving her shoe behind her.

In front of God and all those women witnesses, the peasant girl fell at the feet of Jesus wishing that SouthWest would take her away.

With great compassion and mercy, the women inquired about her well-being. The peasant girl assured them all, including the red cloaked man and the medicine woman, that nothing other than her pride was injured.

Soon, the Bible queen opened her Bible and began to teach from the book of Acts about a woman named Lydia and the peasant girl forgot all else. She sat at the feet of Jesus and learned from the Bible queen.

And, at the end of the day, the peasant girl traveled home with a few bruises, a wounded pride, and a full heart.

TRUTH spoken here. This really happened to me when I had the opportunity to go to see Beth Moore on Saturday. The Living Proof Live Simulcast was aired just 45 miles from me.

What an amazing opportunity to join 11,000 other women in praise, worship, and Bible study.

I am convinced that I need an extra dose of humbling. Thankfully, my God is faithful to complete His good work in me!

I am grateful to fall at the feet of Jesus!



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2 thoughts on “falling at the feet of Jesus…

  1. Thankful you are alright!

    1. Like I said, only my pride was injured 🙂

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