the cost of a calling…

I firmly believe I am called
to be a stay-at-home,
homeschooling wife for my man
and mom for my 3 Es.

Actually, I know I am called.

Just as dear friends of mine
are called to be in the classroom,
the hospital,
the court system.

We aren’t all called to the same thing,
but we are all called to follow where He leads us…

at a personal cost and with a personal blessing.

The cost for me? Funds.
We have less disposable income.

The blessing for me? Time.
I have more time to give to my family.

Yesterday, Eric and I took time to search for new shoes.
He searched.
I watched.

As stood and watched him at a wall
covered with footwear ranging from
affordable to astronomical, my heart constricted.

In times like this, the cost of my calling becomes
very evident to me…
and to him.

Yesterday was a life lesson day for both of us
and one that I hope he will some day fully understand…

a calling isn’t a calling
without a cost to yourself

and the blessing always comes after the obedience.


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2 thoughts on “the cost of a calling…

  1. I left a lucrative job 10 years ago because my family wasn’t getting my best. The job I have now is part time which is great, but it was a huge cut in pay. As our oldest is in her senior year, I too am feeling the cost of that choice. The Lord will provide what He deems best and I’ve learned/learning and am trying to pass along need vs. want. Not always popular in our house. So much pressure on our kid to try and keep up with the latest and greatest. Keep at it girlfriend!

    1. Thanks Sue! “The Lord will provide what He deems best…” Ah, yes! I’m right there learning that with you! 😉

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