when there is much…

There is so much these days…

much to ponder
much to learn
much to hold on to
much to let go of.

I’ve written the beginning
of hundreds of posts
and the end of none.

I feel like are words bubbling
and yet I have nothing to say.

My hope is that in this season..
the water is running deep.

I hope that I’m soaking up
and savoring each moment
and banking it to be remembered over and over again.

In these days of
and everything between…

I want to savor the much
and be fully immersed.

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2 thoughts on “when there is much…

  1. Heidi, I sure understand what your heart is saying. And I get how sometimes we just need to listen and let the messages internalize before we share the words. I love reading your posts. Thank you for writing.

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