the dichotomy of a mama’s heart…

So many sweet comments
to my post yesterday.

Thank you!

As I read your stories,
a thought crept in…
there is no dichotomy quite like a mama’s heart.

Just as the heart that beats within
has two cavities…
one to receive blood that needs oxygen
and one to release newly oxygenated blood…
two halves with equally life-giving functions,
yet divided.

So, too, this mama’s heart.

And, herein lies the rub.


I cannot explain that which I do not understand.
I only know that deep within me beats a mama’s heart.

A heart created to receive three precious children…
to love on them as unconditionally as I possibly can,
to rear them to love God first and others second,
to train them to go forth and do the same…

A heart divided.

Tonight, I go with a throat on fire
and a voice barely above a whisper
to watch and to hold my breath
for the last regular season football game.


It’s another beat,
another thump…thump,
of this mama’s heart.

Truly, is there any dichotomy
quite like that of a mama’s heart?


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