A.D. 30 by Ted Dekkers..an overdue book review


Several weeks ago, I was approached by the staff at Shelton Interactive to do a book review on Ted Dekker’s brand-new novel, A.D. 39. The title and the subject matter of Mr. Dekker’s latest novel intrigued me and I quickly agreed…promising to post a review on the date of the release of A.D. 30. That date was yesterday.

In this season of big kids with big schedules, I often feel as though I am running miles behind of where I should be. This book review is an excellent example. So, forgive me, please, for showing up to the release party a day late. I’m glad to be here and share my thoughts on this new release.

A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker is simply a journey of faith through a story. Maviah’s story. Maviah is a young slave woman who has lost her family, her love, and her son. She travels far seeking retaliation and revenge and in that traveling, she meets Yeshua, a man unlike any she has ever known. Though Maviah has lived a life of danger, nothing prepares her for the danger of following this one who has turned her beliefs in God, others, and herself upside down. However, following Yeshua is the only way to save her people and herself.

There is nothing like a good story. I love curling up with a good book and finding myself lost in the pages as I travel time and space to a far off land thousands of years ago. The best stories I read leave me regretting the turning of the last page and aching to know what happens next. And, the very best stories draw me into their pages over and over again.

Not so, for me and A.D. 30.

Quite honestly, this is not one of my favorite books. Though I loved imagining what it would be like to meet Yeshua, I had a hard time getting into Maviah’s story. I felt as though the beginning of the book was thick with details and yet I had many unanswered questions. I would have liked more details of Maviah’s early years…the things that shaped her into the woman she was and less details of her arduous journey across the desert.

At first, I thought my crazy schedule was to blame for the difficulty I had in engaging with this book, until I realized how many books I’ve devoured this fall, even in the midst of games, meals, work, school, etc.

There are very few books that I do not ever finish. Unfortunately, this is one of them. Between the dry details and the unanswered questions, I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up and finish a story I was having a hard time following.

This is the first time I’ve done a book review of a book that I simply cannot recommend. I wish I could but based on my experience with it, I found it lacking. I hope others had a better experience with this new release.

**disclaimer…I was provided a copy of Ted Dekker’s A.D. 30 for my honest review. All opinions are mine and I received no other compensation for my review.

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