“Do you know that you are loved more than you can even imagine?” I asked driving her to class.

“Yeah,” she smiled.

“Do you also know that we don’t know what we are doing?” I smiled and glanced over.

“Yeah,” she giggled.

“Just like we didn’t know what we were doing when they handed us a brand-spankin’ newborn. Just like we didn’t know what we were doing with a toddler, and a preschooler,” I slowed down for the red light. She listened.

“Somehow, though, it got easier with elementary school. I thought we finally figured it out. You kids were easy. Life was good and I thought, “hey! We figured it out and look, we did good! Our kids turned out well! We know what we are doing! We are great parents!”

She looked over and smiled.

“And, then…. BAM!” I said as the light turned green.

She laughed.

“All of the sudden we hit our faces smack dab into a brick wall…. a teenage brick wall. And, we hit it again… and again… and again.”

We both laughed.

“Really, Baby, we don’t know what we are doing. I used to think I was going to do it perfectly. I messed that up a long time ago. Long before the brick wall. But, if you know that you are loved as you are and not as you should be… well, then, I guess we’ve done something right.”


A similar conversation took place an hour before on the couch. Same theme, different kid, different verse…. because he needed to hear me say it too.

Parenting is horribly difficult and just about the time you get your groove on… BAM! Your sweet little thing changes.

We’ve got one more change on the horizon. There will be more running into brick walls.

But, you know what? With each face plant, I learn a little bit more. And, if they leave the nest knowing that they were loved for who they are and not for who they think or we think they should be…the bumps and bruises will all be worth it.



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1 thought on “BAM!

  1. Oh my goodness… I love that one. J you need to make a book of all these: Heidi’s Devotions

    Liv J

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