giving away Jesus…in the form of toys and Bibles

It was just over two years ago,
when God reached down and stretched me beyond myself
and asked me to give my Bible away.

A month later, I stood next to her chair in an old bookstore,
floor creaking under my feet
as we scanned the shelves for the new Bible
she wanted to bless me with.

We took our time,
savored the moment,
and compared volumes one by one,
until we both settled on a beautiful copy of God’s Word.

“Are you going give this one away?” she smiled.

“I don’t know. Why?” I asked.

She pointed to the engraved lilac cover and laughed,
“Perhaps you’d better consider giving this one to a woman!”

I loved that Bible because of the friend who blessed me with it.

She wrote our names in it
and I marked it all up.
Sermon notes,
cross-reference study thoughts,
favorite verses,
and meaningful passages all got inked.

I made it mine.

Until today.

Today I spent a grand total of 2 hours
at our annual toy giveaway.
One hour before my doctor appointment
and one hour after.

It was enough.

My family has spent the past eleven Decembers
giving away Jesus…
in the form of toys and Bibles.

And, for the first time, I missed most of it.

I’ve been sidelined with a pneumonia
that is not easily intimated.
Thus, the appointment today.

Just minutes before I had to leave,
she and her husband walked in.
I asked her the size of her baby
and she gave me the sizes and ages of all five of her children.

As one of the volunteer kids
“secretly shopped” for her children behind the door,
I offered her a bag for the used items
she balanced in her arms.

“Do you have any children’s Bibles?” she hesitantly asked.

I went back behind the door
and found a brand-new Adventure Bible
on the Bible table lying just in front of a large-print Bible.
I took the children’s Adventure Bible
and offered it to her.

“Do you have a Bible of your own?” I responded.

She only shook her head.

Somehow this morning I knew
that there would be a woman today.
A woman seeking,
seeking peace this season,
seeking Jesus in the midst.
A woman needing an engraved lilac Bible.
I went to get the only treasure I had.

“This was mine,” I smiled.
“But it’s yours now. It’s been marked up,
I hope you don’t mind.”

Tears pooled in her blue eyes.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she hugged me.

“What’s your name?” I asked.
“I will pray for you and your family.”


“Alicia, I’m Heidi. It’s nice to meet you!”

I helped her find a few more used items
and soon the volunteers brought her new toys for her family.

I turned to go to my appointment
and realized I never said good-bye.

When I returned later,
my brown-eyed girl came running to greet me.

“Mom! I have got to tell you a story!” she exclaimed.

“Okay, Emme, go ahead!” I smiled.

“These two ladies came in and when we gave them
their toys, we offered them Bibles.
We didn’t realize it when we grabbed the Bibles
but one of them was a large-print Bible,”
Emme’s enthusiasm over-flowed.

“Ok,” I offered.

“Mom! The lady we gave the large-print one to
is legally blind! She was so excited to have a Bible
that she could read! We didn’t even know it!”

“God did,” I hugged her. “He knew that Bible was hers.”

Tonight, I’m home while my girl is still passing
out Jesus…
in the form of toys and Bibles.

I’m still sidelined,
yet in the short span of time that I was there today,
Jesus gave me two moments
to see Him.




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3 thoughts on “giving away Jesus…in the form of toys and Bibles

  1. How beautiful is this?!? I love the idea of giving our bible away. It’s literally passing God’s love around. 🙂

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