when Advent continues…

Sometimes it takes doing something out of the ordinary
to make some extraordinary memories.

Yesterday, I posted this to Instagram
and shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

I was surprised at the positive feedback.

This 11-year-old girl

continues to surprise me.
Early Christmas morning she brought me to tears.

“Open this first,” she smiled.
“I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!!”

She handed me a package she had wrapped.

My eyes began leaking as soon as I saw
the cover art.

“You bought me this?” I asked in awe.

“Yep! And you even took me to the store
but you didn’t know what I got. Did you?”
her smile froze waiting for my answer.

“I had no idea!” I gushed with teary eyes.

My girl had seen me perusing my friend’s copy
with envy in my eye a few weeks before.
I had no idea she was watching me.
She sold her toys to get her own money
to buy Christmas gifts this year.
She took her time thinking and shopping,
looking for deals and choosing something each would like.

I promised to read it with her.

Then, life happened.

House cleaning.
Last minute shopping.
Family coming.
Family sick.
Family not coming.
Family coming again.

The book sat under the little tree

Until yesterday.
January 5.

I remembered my promise
and we read the introduction
as she ate her lunch.

Soon, we read Day 1,
Day 2,
and Day 3.

We discussed the discussion questions
and I learned more about this one I call mine.

Then, she wandered down to the basement
and pulled the little tree
out of its storage bag
and set it up in her room.

When her brother brought home
more printer paper, we printed
the template for the ornaments
and she got to work.





Today, we read Day 4.

Advent continues here,
in January.

And, in the out of the ordinary,
I realized something…

when it’s all about Jesus,
ordinary moments become
extraordinary memories.



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