when you feel you’ve lost your gift…

It was one of those divine appointments
that can happen anywhere.
Even Walmart.

I had missed her call while wandering the craft section
and while I checked out, she walked in.

Real life is better than a phone call.
Any day.

She returned her items at the service desk,
I stashed mine in my truck.

And, Jesus met us there
in the parking lot of Walmart.

As we sat in my truck
to get out of the wind,
I told her my struggles,
she told me hers.

They were frighteningly familiar…
we both felt that we had lost our gift.

Or maybe we had lost hope.

Perhaps, it’s the same thing.

the only way back comes with humility.

In that truck today,
we talked about humbling ourselves
under the Mighty Hand of God.

We talked about how it has to be
more Him less us.

We discussed our ugly pride
that when all else is stripped away
might be the only thing left standing.

And, then, we agreed that at the end of the day,
it’s just her and Jesus,
and me and Jesus.

What good is a gift from Him
if we forget that it is all from Him?

Maybe we had to feel like we lost our gifts
to find Jesus again.

He is in the business of restoration.

But, even if He never restored the gift He’s given me…
He would be enough.


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