sometimes you might need a reminder that all is grace…

I wrote about humility
in my last post.

And then today.

Sometimes, you might get going at the speed of life,
rushing here,
hurrying there,
putting out fires along the way.

Sometimes, you might get wrapped up
in extending grace,
offering a hand up,
a listening ear,
a broad shoulder to help bear.

Sometimes, you might even get the chance
to offer grace up on grace,
to offer yourself and your resources,
to offer a moment of rest.

Those sometimes are all well and good.

Well and good,
they can be a breath of fresh air
to a tired Mom’s heart.

Well and good,
they can be a healing moment
to a bruised Soul.

Well and good,
they can be a balm
to a wounded Warrior.

Well and good,
until we become cynical,
and self-centered.

All is well and good,
as long as we remember
where grace originates.

From Him.
Not me.

It does not originate with me
and I would do good to remember
that I need receive grace upon grace
in order to give grace once in a while.

Sometimes, it takes an extra dose
of humility to see the grace extended
in the wisdom of a smile,
a little boy’s laugh,
and the words “It’s okay. We can come back tomorrow.”

And, to know
when to extend grace to myself.



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