when you get a glimpse of what matters…

There are a few young women
in my life who matter tremendously to me.

Quite honestly,
I am ridiculously fond of them
and have been for quite some time.

I’ve watched them grow up
from sweet preschoolers to rough and tumble farm girls,
from gangly preteens to beautiful women.

Now, they are graduating,
getting married,
having babies.

It blows my mind.

They’re not little girls anymore.

A small group of us celebrated
the coming of a new little girl
and I caught myself saying of her mama,
“I am ridiculously fond of that child!”

Only that child
is having a child of her own.

Am I the only one
who is overwhelmed at the speed of life?


I sat up with my own not-so-little-girl
soon sixteen.

What happened to the Strawberry Shortcake days?

We sat up and talked about Jesus
and how we want to love Him more.

This child loves Jesus more than anyone I know
and she wants to love Him more
and at whatever cost?!?

My heart is slayed by this one whom I call my own.


I sent her a quick text
on the spur of the moment…
wanna go on a road trip?

She’s not my own
but only because she happened
to be born to someone else.

She’s looking for that elusive dress,
I’m looking for something to occupy time.
A day of dress shopping in a town no one knows,
might just be what we both need.

And, then I pause.

One of my greatest struggles is
doubting that I do anything worthwhile…
anything Kingdom worthy.

But, really,
what I want is something
Social Media worthy…
where all the cool kids hang.

Jesus keeps showing me,
telling me through others,
revealing in His Word,
that I’m asking the wrong thing
and seeking a lie.

I’ve seen the marquees that the world offers,
flashy signs of significance,
first-rate titles,
fancy ratings.

Jesus said those don’t matter.

In fact, He taught against the trappings of this life.

Instead, He simply said,
love God
love people.

I’m thinking that perhaps our enemy
has led us to believe that in order to
live a life that matters,
has significance,
makes a difference…
we need to run with the big dogs.

Maybe not.

Maybe, we need to run
with those around us
who need our time, our wisdom, our selves.

Maybe we won’t be the one
who makes a difference to the masses.

But what we do with those
we are ridiculously fond of

matters much.


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