finding the really good moments of mothering…

I used to think the good moments of
mothering were elusive…
at least to me.

While my friends enjoyed seasons
of maternal bliss, I struggled
through the drama and demands
of each day.

I guessed I just wasn’t a very good mom.

I might have even felt a little sorry for the three kids I had…
for a while.

I can’t tell you when the slight shift happened.

I only know that it did.

At some point, my gaze shifted
and my perspective changed.
I can only imagine God gently tilted my chin up
and slightly shifted the angle of my head…

~things started to look different.~

Nothing else changed
but me.

I began to see the good moments
and minutes sprinkled in my mothering days.

I caught glimpses of myself
actually having fun with my kids.

I embraced the Kodak moments
and asked God to sear them in my memory.

I found myself more and more
thankful for these years of mothering
the three He’s loaned to me.

Lately, I’ve realized those good mothering moments
that I thought evaded me?

They’ve been there all along.

Only, I was too caught up in my own
daily demands and self drama to see them.

I was trying too hard
chasing an elusive dream of being the perfect mom
to know that I am the perfect mom for these 3 Es.

This week has been a practice empty nest.
The girls are in Guatemala.
The boy is graduating in 6 weeks.
It’s been me and the dog.
A lot.

The stuff of life
has been stripped away
and I’m seeing the fullness left…
Underneath the busyness are the gems
and beneath the perfection are the golden moments.

And the memories seared?
They are sweet.

Life is a field trip
and school is always in sesson.

The lesson this week?

There are really good moments of mothering
happening all around me…
all around you.

It might just take a slight tilt of your chin
or a shift of the angle of your head to see them.

You are the perfect mom for yours.

Embrace the good moments.

They are there.






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