more than a few good men…

So… I read Ann Voskamp’s wisdom tonight and I find myself tearing up and nodding along.

Me…mom to just one mancub, not four.

One who first called me MOM.
One who came after 30 hours of labor because they took pity on me and went in and got him.
One who cried for his first five weeks of life and caused me to cry more tears than I ever thought possible.
One who taught me more than I ever taught him.

He’s my one and only son, in whom I am well pleased.

For you see, much like Ann, life with this one has been more difficult, more challenging, more rewarding and more loving than I ever thought possible.

And, lately I cannot get enough of him and who he has become.

That one who threw championship tantrums that lasted far past my breaking point has developed self-discipline, self-control and a kindness that is bone deep.

That one who left me in tears as I attempted to homeschool him in Kindergarten will graduate Magna Cum Laude.

That one who once asked me to homeschool him for college will go to a great university and pursue three degrees.

That one who could not sit still and concentrate long enough to finish his school assignments sat and arranged his summer internship and summer job with a man’s voice, a man’s understanding, and a man’s confidence.

Just two days ago, I stood and watched him embrace his father when he came into church. No words, just understanding between two men who understood doing hard things and not talking about them. And a son who wanted his dad to know he was okay and a dad who needed to see it for himself.

I’ve been in awe lately as I look around at his next generation. There are more than a few good men who are taking their place.

I see the young men who have influenced my son, and I see the young men my son has influenced and I smile.

In a world full of news headlines of teenage pregnancy, teenage crime, teenage hate and teenage suicides, there is another story.

God is raising up the next generation to take their place and there are young men all over who are responding to the call.

What if, as Ann suggests, we start recognizing them for who they are?

What if we called them out for what they do?

What if we prayed them forward?

What then?

Only more….
more to recognize
more to call out
more to pray forward
more good men to stand up.

Let’s do it.

Let’s pray them forward.

Let’s encourage them and call them out.

Let’s all join Ann and blog, tweet, share, and post about our sons…our good men. Ann suggests #goodyoungmen.

And, as moms, let’s encourage each other. It’s not a contest of what my son does and yours doesn’t or what your son does and mine doesn’t.

Instead, it’s moms standing together praying for the men who, with God’s leading, will lead the next generation…

because there are more than a few good men.




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10 thoughts on “more than a few good men…

  1. Julie fischer May 5, 2015 — 9:55 pm

    Great words! I just told tyler, I only have 4 months left with you at home! You are my baby so please bear with me! He was a tough baby and toddler, but wow what a man he is growing into! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m blessed to have mothered two #goodyoungwomen. Looking forward with excitement to where God leads them! Where is Eric going to school? Next fall, we’ll have a sophomore at Taylor and a freshman at Wheaton. 🙂

    1. I’m excited too Carmen! Can’t wait to see how God uses our kids! And, yes, you have mothered two incredible young women!

  3. I have been way ahead of you. I have been praying for this good young man since he was born. And for the many who will follow him. God is going to raise up an army of godly men to fight for Him,

  4. Aw, so sweet! Sometimes I wish I was raising boys just so I would know what it is like. 🙂

  5. Lovely Heidi, the baby is so cuteeeee, well good to c that he has brought honour to his parents

  6. I have just one mancub, too. 🙂 I fully believe that we can raise more than a few good men. I loved reading this post. It’s so sweet to read about your son and encouraging to see what an awesome young man he has become!

    1. Thanks Inez! Aren’t mancub’s the best? ❤

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