losing our sense of entitlement…one lap at a time

I’m American.
Born and bred.
I came of age in the 80s
and the first time I voted,
Ronald Reagan was in office.
Life was good and the living was easy.

I’ve grown up in the land of plenty,
plenty of money
plenty of credit.
In this land of milk and honey,
there is no reason for delayed gratification
when you can get 60 days same as cash
and 0% APR.

28 years since I first voted
and now, my first born is of voting age.
Much has changed in America
and more has remained the same.

We live in a land of abundance,
where we buy special water,
obsess about food,
and have more clothes than we can ever wear.

We have heat when it’s cold,
air conditioning when it’s hot,
and we bathe as often as we desire.

We spend more, cash or credit, on our toys for a season,
skis, snowboards, snowmobiles in the winter,
boats, jetskis, campers in the summer
than some people make in a lifetime.

It’s overwhelming,
and, quite honestly, nauseating.

How do you keep up?

Maybe you can’t,
so you don’t.

Sometimes it takes a conscious effort
to stop the madness,
and sometimes God stops it for you.

You learn to do without.

After the initial shock wears off,
it’s not so bad to do without.

This is a season of deflating our sense of entitlement
and doing without in our neck of the woods.

We take turns push mowing 3 acres.
Sometimes with smiles and laughter,
sometimes not so much.

We take turns washing dishes by hand.
Sometimes even remembering to wash our own,
sometimes not.

The funny part in all of this is the reaction
we get from others.
Advice on where to buy a riding mower,
or how to find a good deal on a dishwasher.
Makes me wonder why it even matters.

I wonder about a lot of things.

As Eric and I were pushing lawn mowers this morning,
I thought much about how we’ve raised our kids.
We’ve made more mistakes than I care to ever remember
and sweet memories that I’ve long forgotten.

I just hope that maybe they’ve learned the sweet taste
of delayed gratification and how to wait on the LORD.

In the meantime, I’m confident that we are kinder and more grateful
as we walk off our inflated sense of entitlement,
one lap around the yard at a time.




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