as the dust settles…

Today I’m all out of sorts.

Truth be told,
I’ve been this way for a couple of days…
my heart is restless
and my mind whirling
as I try to hold on to it all.

It’s been the best of summers
in this in-between season
before we move the boy out of the house
and into college next week.

It’s been so long
since I’ve fully embraced the goodness of summer…
the thrill of wide open spaces on the calendar,
the marvel of watching the sun set in a miriad of colors,
the joy of late summer evenings of softball under the lights,
and fireflies
and drippy ice cream cones.

This summer I embraced it all.
It’s been a summer of reconnecting
with friends and family
and reconsidering life and priorities.
It’s been a perfect summer…
the best kind of whirlwind.

As the dust settles,
my mind is having a hard time slowing down
and catching up with reality.

The reality is that the sun is setting my perfect summer.
School buses started their annual routes this morning
and our homeschool will start next week.
And, after a week of homeschool,
the one I first schooled will move out and move on
and our day to day activities will include four people,
not five.

And, as the dust settles,
I’m realizing this…
perhaps my heart is restless
because it overflows,
by my mind is whiriling
because there is no way to hold on to it all.


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2 thoughts on “as the dust settles…

  1. Heidi, just love the way you are able to put into words what every parent of a college freshman feels! Praying for you all as you take this next step with your son. 🙂

    1. Thanks Belinda! Your wisdom, over the years, has seen me through! ❤️

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