a change in the wind…

P.L. Travers once wrote these words…

Winds in the east, mist coming in, Like somethin’ a brewing and bout to begin.   Can’t put my finger on what lies in store. But I fear what is to happen all happened before.

Perhaps you remember a younger Dick VanDyke as Bert with a far off look in his eye as he took notice of the change in the wind and the sky at the beginning of the much-loved Disney classic Mary Poppins.

I’m feeling a bit like Bert today. The wind is brewing up a storm to the south and west of us and it’s bringing in cooler air. But, it’s not the impending storm that has me looking for change.

Tomorrow I start a new job and there will be changes in store for this little corner of the web including a updated blog with a new title, more social media links, and much more interaction that has been seen here in the last seven months.

I am SO excited to start this new venture mostly because it brings back into my life things that I love like… being home with my girls and embracing the homeschool community again. This new position ties in my love of social media and my love of homeschool in one neat little package. 

Stay tuned! I can’t wait to tell you what is brewing in the wind!


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4 thoughts on “a change in the wind…

  1. And I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. I can’t wait. I have been out of blogging for such a long time but decided at the beginning of this month that I needed to get back into it. I am always so excited when I see my old blogging friends return as well.

    1. STEF!!! Oh how I have missed how you make me laugh, old blogging friend!! I’m so glad you are coming back! 😀

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