on living a good story…

A life well-lived is like a really good book. It has unexpected plot twists, developing characters, and snappy dialogue. The best reads have you spellbound, reading fast and furious to be able to turn the page to see the story unfold. The best lives are lived with eager anticipation of new adventures around the bend. Other lives lived are stuck in chapters that ended long ago. No new pages, no new story. And, some lives? Well, they  quit living before their last breath because they feel they are too old for eager anticipation and new adventures.

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says… old dog cannot learn new trick. Or, at least I would like to think that is the origin of that sage wisdom. Regardless, of who said it first, I truly believe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Here’s my proof:

IMG_2034I’m an Apple girl through and through. Me and my old MacBook? We’ve traveled through time and space together over the years. I’ve typed more words on that keyboard than I could ever count. The space bar is now permanently indented where my right thumb hits. The S and the A are almost completely rubbed off and the D and E have their own indentation made by my finger. We’ve lived a lot of life together, me and my Mac.

Here’s the funny thing… sometimes life takes an old dog to school to learn lots of new tricks.

Last night, this was the scene in my world:

chadhpLate into the night, my man installed software and malware to get this new-to-me HP laptop up and running. New-to-me because I need a faster, more reliable computer for work and his eBay skills located the perfect one. Thankfully, he also has the know-how to get it ready for me.

Work today was school. My fingers learning the distance between keys, remembering to right and left click the mouse buttons, and forgetting that this mouse doesn’t track with my fingers. Challenging, yes! Frustrating, maybe. Disappointing, no. I wasn’t disappointed with my accidentally closed windows and my misplaced cursor because the adventure was in the learning and the doing something new.

I also started school today. While Chad was installing Windows on this laptop last night, I used my trusty old MacBook to sign up for online classes. I am going to Social Media Manager School this spring and even though classes don’t start until next week, I started learning through the bonus content today.

The very best books to read are the ones that allow the characters to grow and develop as their story unfolds. I want my life to be the same. I don’t want to be stuck in chapters past. Nor do I want to close the cover before the story ends. I want to live well in eager anticipation of new adventures.


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