Yes, you can work from home too!

Lately, several people have stopped me in the community or reached out to me on facebook. Different people with different walks of life all asking me the same question.

Can you tell me what it is you really do?

Could I do it too?

My answer is always the same.

I work from home as a social media manager. Yes, you can do this or any number of other services from your home or from where you want to be.


This is my office today. Tomorrow, my office will be here…


The very beauty of working from home is that I don’t have to always be home to get my work done. And, that is a very good thing.

If you want to work from home, where will your office be?

Once you decide where your office will be, start researching online for virtual job postings. Focus on tasks and/or occupations that you are knowledgeable of or gifted in and make a list of possibilities. When your list is made, narrow it down by choosing the tasks that you enjoy.

For instance, there are multiple postings by companies for virtual bookkeepers. These individuals work from their own device and provide a much needed service for the company who hires them. For number-crunchers, this is a great thing. For me, this would be awful!! Numbers do not fall in my gifted area. I’m confident I would be fired before I could even draft a resignation letter. This is where it is imperative that you choose wisely.

Using your list as a guide, spend some time researching each individual virtual position. Become an expert on social media managing or virtual assisting. It is amazing to me how much free education is online, such as videos, blog posts from experts, webinars, and podcasts.  As you educate yourself, you may find yourself crossing off occupations from your list. That’s okay. The most effective people are those who know their gifts and abilities and use those to specialize in one field.

Don’t forget to take time to learn what the average pay for each position is. This amount will change depending on where you live. Even if you don’t like to talk about money, you need to know this. You may inquire about a position where you will need to negotiate your wages. By knowing the median pay, you can confidently work out an agreement without looking like a newbie or looking like a gold-digger.

When you have a workable list of one or two tasks and/or occupations that you would feel comfortable doing from your new office, take the next step. Sell yourself by genuinely convincing Company A that you are the best candidate for Position Y.

For many, including myself, this is the hardest step. Part of my personal education right now is learning to recognize and improve my own unique gifts and abilities to make me a better social media manager. I’m learning be brave and to be confident in my individual strengths and I am working on overcoming particular weaknesses.

Be bold and reach out to inquire about the position you have researched. Most postings will list what that company’s prerequisites are and will also instruct you on how to apply for that position. Some require a resume, some do not. The beauty is that each position is as unique as you are.

You may have to inquire about several postings or you may find that the first posting you researched is the one for you. You may also find that the first position you take isn’t really what you want to spend a portion of your time doing. It’s okay. Just as in real life, virtual occupations change hands all the time.

That’s the joy of working from home. You can change it up any time you wish.

Here are a couple of sites to get you started:

How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Find Work

You really can work from home. It takes some learning and some know-how but it can be done.

Let me know where your office is and maybe I’ll stop by with a cup of coffee to hear your story of how your work at home job came to be!

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16 thoughts on “Yes, you can work from home too!

  1. Super resources, and ideas. Do you have dedicated hours in which you work, or are your hours more flexible according to the amount of work? I imagine a “day-in-the-life” kind of post would be interesting to read to understand more of your own perspective on working from home.

    1. Lori, thank you for that GREAT idea! I will work on that post soon! I actually do have dedicated hours and dedicated days. Thanks for the input!! ❤

  2. Heidi, I’m very fortunate to spend a good bit of my time working from home. I love the flexibility that it gives me especially now while my kids are still young. It allows me to work around their after-school schedule, school vacations and sick days. I wouldn’t trade this for the world!
    Thanks for sharing the links. I’ll check those out as well, since you never know what other opportunities are out there.
    Marva | sunSPARKLEshine

    1. Thank you, Marva! I wouldn’t trade it for the world either ❤

  3. I love posts like this, opening up possibilities and adding income streams.

    1. There are far more possibilities than I ever imagined. 🙂

  4. Heidi,
    I started out just working from home as well, mostly so I could still homeschool. Well, that has morphed into working part-time from home and part-time in an office while still trying to homeschool. Thankfully, my boss allows me to bring my daughter (almost 12) to work when and if I need to. This has worked well so far. My advice, in addition to yours to anyone doing this would be to make sure you set some boundaries. There have been times when I felt as though I am on call 24/7 and that is definitely not what I had planned. This has been a good fit for us and it has opened many opportunities as well. Thanks for the additional info!

    1. Michelle, I couldn’t agree more and I should have thought to mention it. Boundaries are vital! Thanks for the input! ❤

  5. Excellent advice! I would add that Craigslist has some valuable opportunities, but you have to use common sense and critical thinking to sort out the garbage. Look at the listings for nearby major metropolitan areas for virtual job postings. For example, I find a lot of legit editing jobs posted in the “Writing” section of the job postings for Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron even though there are none in my rural north-central Ohio area listing.

    I would also like to point out that there are many virtual project jobs as well. Want to design a business logo today and write a blogazine article tomorrow? It takes a lot more energy to track down individual projects, but, in my experience, they pay quite a bit more, affording you the time needed to work projects exclusively.

    Regardless of the work you choose to do, keep in mind that referrals can always keep you going. Do good work for someone and they’re more likely to refer you to their friend who might need work too. When working for yourself from home, networking and personal connections are everything.

    1. Susan, thank you! I love your insight! ❤

  6. I’ve been working from home for about 5 years now as a copywriter. It’s not huge money but I love the flexibility it gives me to be with my kids (plus I feel like my brain doesn’t turn to “mommy mush”)

    1. “Mommy mush” made me lol! Thanks Gina! 🙂

  7. Great article and resources. The internet has opened up so many creative ways to be employed!

  8. Thanks Heidi for your beautiful Blog…
    I love working from home too even though sometimes it can be challenging…

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