why it’s important to dream while your story is unfolding

Why it's important to dreamwhile your story is unfolding

It doesn’t matter what you call them. These are the thoughts down deep in your soul that keep you awake at night and the yearnings in your heart that keep you going during the day. They are the ideas you can’t shake and the visions of hope when all seems lost. Dreams add sparkle to your bright days and they light up your path in the dark.
I’m a dreamer who sometimes forgets to dream.
I have let the noise around me distract me from the tune in my heart. Sometimes the tyranny of the urgent pushes my ambitions aside and other times my dreams fade quietly because I lack the time or drive to keep them alive.
Lately, I’ve watched my kids chasing their dreams. It’s amazing to see them developing ambitions and pursing their passions. They see the future through the lens of the young, bright and beautiful. They pursue their aspirations with courage.
For a time I envied them. Until I remember that I, too, have courage and I can have aspirations greater than making sure there is milk in the refrigerator, gas in my vehicle, or clean jeans to wear.
I used to dream big, fluffy, fun dreams full of hope for the future. I’m learning to do so again because my story is still unfolding. It’s not done yet and neither am I. I have things I still want to do and places I still want to go.
Care to join me?
Dream a little, my friend, because your story is still unfolding too. What is it you aspire to do? What is your greatest ambition? Pursue it and see where it takes you. You might just be surprised by what wells up inside of you.
Call it what you will, just don’t lose sight of it.
Your dreams are what keep you going while your story is unfolding.
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.~Walt Disney
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8 thoughts on “why it’s important to dream while your story is unfolding

  1. Love this!! Very inspiring!! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Exactly what I needed today 🙂

  3. TheMomCafe.com May 10, 2016 — 11:12 am

    Ah Heidi… THANK YOU for this much needed encouragement and reminder I always need to keep chasing after my dreams. I love how you described this. It fits me to a T. ❤ Sharing this on my page.

  4. Tawni Sattler May 10, 2016 — 1:23 pm

    Very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing this! xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tawni! ❤

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