your story can be a happily ever after… if you want it

I wrote a short story today, just for fun. It was a parody of my life written in the form of Grimm’s fairy tales.


because what else do you do with your 1st grade school picture?

Once upon a time…. or so the story went on in fairy tale form, complete with the plot twits that real life brings. I spoke of a young girl with big brown eyes and long brown braids who grew up with larger than life aspirations and dreams. Over time and change, some aspirations died and others sprang up, and some dreams came true and some laid dormant, growing silently in the dark.


In writing my real life fairy tale, today, I remembered that there was a season, not so long ago, that I thought those dreams had withered and died. I wanted my fairy tale to have a happily ever after, I just didn’t know where to find it.

I began by digging for buried treasure… the treasure of my long abandoned dreams. At first, I had a hard time digging deep enough to find them buried under the stuff of life. I had to move out the junk that filled my heart. I dug past disappointments and discouragement. I pushed aside the old, smelly bandages of old wounds and grief. I let go of the negativity that filled me to the brim. Slowly, ever so slowly, my dreams became more visible.

The process of digging deep didn’t happen overnight or even over one year. It’s been a journey all of it’s own complete with agony, gloom, and despair. Well… maybe not quite, but there were certainly moments I wasn’t sure facing the ugly in my heart was worth unearthing the dream that lie beneath. I simply knew I wanted more.

I wanted to live happily ever after.

Digging for my buried treasure did more than reveal my hidden dreams, it prepared my heart to be a place where old dreams and new aspirations could grow and flourish together. Moving out the junk and stuff that I had allowed to accumulate revealed my happily ever after. (2)

It has deepened my faith and made me a better wife and mom. It’s made me love Jesus more and love my man and my kids better. I am a better friend. I have more room in my heart to love people. I listen more and judge less.


I’m a work in progress and so is my happily ever after. I haven’t arrived yet. I’m not to The End yet. I’m okay with that because this the kind of happily ever after I want.


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8 thoughts on “your story can be a happily ever after… if you want it

  1. Marissa Boelter May 19, 2016 — 1:15 pm

    This is beautiful

      1. Beautifully expressed. After our time together last week you can only imagine how this post speaks to my heart too. Hugs

  2. Marissa, I recently had a friend share that our future will be greater than our past if we believe. I continue to rely on my dear friend’s words as I remind myself that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. Psalm 143:8, “Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul…” I am in a new season of reflection. This season also involves “digging deep” and moving out of my comfort zone. Thank you for the wonderful reminder as I dig for my hidden treasure!


  3. Oh my goodness! You speak directly to my heart with this! I am in the process of digging up some dreams myself! Thanks so much for this encouraging post!!

    1. thanks for stopping by, Kori! ❤

  4. <3<3<3 Yes! Thanks so much for this post!

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