this is why I love homeschool

IMG_1997Confession time, this title is a little misleading.

In my real life, there are about 2,456,897 reasons why I love homeschool. This post is approximately reasons number 2,456,898 and 2,456,899 but I wasn’t sure that made a good blog title. šŸ™‚

This is the fifteenth year we’ve journeyed this path called homeschool. It’s also roughly the third consecutive time we’ve started a new school year following my definitive declaration the previous spring, “this is my last year of homeschool.”

Honestly, we keep going with this educational choice because of the opportunities that it presents. However, after fourteen years, I truly thought there was nothing new. We’ve done homeschool, public school, and private school. We’ve explored Charlotte Mason method, Classical Education, unschooling, and child lead learning. We’ve taken our homeschool on the road camping across different states, to two other countries, and we’ve taken advantage of two different colleges in our town for dual-credit classes. I thought we had mostly done it all.

Wrong, again.

This year new adventures await.

project Salud y Paz....Emme started Certified Nurses Assistant training this morning. While this is not a required step in her goal to become an RN someday, her dad (a nurse, himself) encouraged her to go this route. Emme is a senior this year and has only 12th grade English and U.S. Government left to complete for her diploma, so the CNA class at our local career center fit nicely into her schedule. After her first medical missions trip to Guatemala six years ago, my girl hasn’t wavered in her desire to do something in the medical missions field. Today is her first step and I can’t wait to see where God leads her. I don’t have a picture of her in her new eggplant colored scrubs this morning, but here she is, a few years ago, where her adventure began… in Guatemala.

IMG_1999Ellen’s schooling adventure this year is all about renovation, design, and budgeting. Meet Betty. Betty is a 1964 Bee Line travel trailer made not too far from where we live now. Ellen is giving Betty the ultimate make-over in hopes of selling Betty to generate funds to buy and restore her very own glamper. So, aside from her typical math, writing, science, and history classes, Ellen is learning all about repair and restoration, as well as learning which things are “needs” and which are “wants” when it comes to making Betty beautiful again. We’ll be heading to the RV Museum in Elkhart this week and taking advantage of their extensive library to learn more of what Betty used to look like and hopefully gain some make-over ideas. Thankfully, we have a friend with experience and he’s been incredibly generous in sharing his tips of the trade with Ellen. Stay tuned. I can’t wait to show you what she does with Betty this school year. Here is the link to her Facebook group if you want to follow along:Ā

As I look back, I can honestly say that the number one reason I love homeschool is because I have been gifted fourteen years to encourage and equip my kids to pursue their dreams and passions.

I’m grateful for one more year!

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10 thoughts on “this is why I love homeschool

  1. love this one! Its ever changing.

  2. This was so sweet to read. This is also one of the reasons why I am enjoying homeschooling. I am only four years into it, but stories like this definitely inspire. Not to mention, I would love to have a camper of my own one day. Even though I know very little about them. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks for stopping by! We love camping and we learned by doing. Best wishes to you! šŸ™‚

  3. Heidi, this makes me SO happy. I just LOVE that you have homeschooled for that many years. I mean, what an incredible way of life and such an blessed purpose in it all! I sometimes wish I had decided to go in that direction, but I think so far- the kids are where God wants them to be. ā¤

    Happy 15TH YEAR!!! And good luck to the kids with those amazing goals!!

    1. thanks my friend! And, yes, your kids are right where God has them. Isn’t He amazing that He has us all on different paths? šŸ™‚

  4. What a blessing. A true gift of time.

    1. Yes, it has been and continues to be a blessing, Lori. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. bloggerlovestheking August 24, 2016 — 7:22 pm

    Happy homeschooling and how bless you and your kids must be.

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