when life shifts…

Once upon a time, I used to blog here.

“Used to” is the operative phrase in that sentence. It’s been over 11 months since I last chronicled any part of my life in this small corner. I hung out here often, sharing snippets of my journey and stories of my kids. So much has happened in those 11 months. Mostly, a monumental shift.

A significant shift in life and I’m now in a new season. My kids grew up. Two are adults now, one is on her way.  My nest isn’t exactly empty but it is definitely quieter.

Kreider Family_11 06 16_0013_edited-1

In this season, I’m struggling to find my voice and to put into words my journey because, for so long, my voice and my journey centered around my offspring, my 3 Es. My life was so wrapped in and around theirs that the snippets that I freely shared were as much my stories as theirs. It was all part of being a mom in the crazy and the chaos of a homeschooling family of five.


The shift happened long before I recognized it for what it was but I know for a fact that on a cool May morning, three days after her high school graduation party, we huddled together to pray with our girl before she drove herself four hours south for the summer, I knew I was standing on the other side of the shift.


Four evenings later,  when I sat on a bench seat in the front row to watch my son pledge his life to the one who holds his heart, there was no question that I was on the other side of this shift in parenting.


Honestly, this season is amazing. It is rich and full and fun. I spent this morning with my newest daughter and my youngest daughter driving through torrential downpours and bargain shopping for groceries with laughter and rich conversation.  And, this evening, enjoying a busy kitchen as my girls made homemade tortillas for tacos.

In this season, though, I have struggled with finding words because the stories I live are no longer my own to tell.  I have a front row seat to watch the stories God is writing with each of my kids.


I am now mom to 3 Es and an L and that sweet L is the one who encouraged me to come back to this little corner of the web. She’s a writer and a blogger herself and she understands my need for words and for stories. She gently reminded me that I do have things to share. I have my version which is how all of this plays out from my vantage point… from the view of a mom and mom-in-law.


So, in this new shift of life and in this new season, here I am. In just over 24 hours, we will help settle the next one into college life and a dormitory and this fall I will travel all over to chase my favorite volleyball player. There will be late night phone calls and deep laughter around my table. There will also be quiet days and lonely moments and all of it is my story, just shifted.



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