on sabbaticals and new seasons

I hesitate to even say “hello.”

Perhaps, it would be better to say, “Hi, my name is Heidi and I’m glad to be back in this neck of the woods. I’ve missed you!”

I’m sure it’s been quite evident that took a long Sabbatical from blogging. During this time, my world has been whirling at the speed of life. I just have to say that I firmly believe living life with adult children is my reward for sticking it out when they were teenagers. I cannot tell you how much joy I have in watching my kids live their own adventures! Life has been fun and full during this Sabbatical season, which is how I imagine it should be. I’ve tried writing a time or two, mostly writing content pieces for others, but I kept shoving writing to the back because I simply couldn’t find my groove. Nothing is more frightening to a writer than running out of words. For a very long time, I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to say that wasn’t already being said in a million ways all over the Internet.

I’ve also taken a Sabbatical from regular work hours. This break hasn’t necessarily been one I would have chosen but it was definitely necessary for my soul. I spent many hours this winter reconnecting with my Creator, renewing friendships, and simply creating with my hands. It’s been wonderful! For a while, I simply closed my computer and walked away from the noise of the Web. It took four solid months for my soul to quiet and my ability to hear the Spirit return.

As the seasons are changing and spring is slowly settling into her proper place here in the Midwest, I’m facing a new season of my own. In just a few short weeks, I will be Nana to one sweet little girl. I get the giggles just thinking of meeting her and all the adventures we will have! You can read more from her momma here.

I’m sensing the LORD opening another new season for me as well. Sixteen years of educating at home, public school, private school, and pursing dual-credit through two different higher education institutions have brought with them a lot of wisdom and knowledge. God has been opening doors for me to share my experiences and the knowledge learned from them with others who are looking to make educational choices for their own children. Just in the last couple of weeks, I have been given opportunities to speak, a chance to partner with a local tutoring company as their homeschool consultant, and to meet individuals one-on-one to help them sort out their own educational choices or help them write a high school transcript for their homeschool.

I’ve done a little spring cleaning around her to reflect the changes taking place. I’m not a good blog designer so there will be some tweaking for a while. However, I’m thrilled to be back and to find my fingers dancing over the keyboard once again!

Thanks for being along for the adventure!


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