Your Homeschool High School Transcript keep it simple

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Homeschool mommas love to brag on their kids. High school homeschooling mommas especially. Am I right?

Perhaps it is in defense of the million times you answered the “But what about high school?” question or maybe it’s a tribute to the years you’ve sacrificed. Either way, it’s easy to see why a homeschool mom would want to list every high school accomplishment. Homeschool high transcripts can be quite the literary work of art.

A transcript is simply a record of high school academic achievement. This record is used most often for college admissions.  The transcript proves that the student has met the high school diploma requirements for their own state. College admissions counselors look at a high school student’s transcript as the “proof” that the student is ready for college.

A transcript should be a one-page document that shows the high school classes completed, the grade awarded, and the credit received. In our state, a semester class is considered one credit. In other states, each semester is considered half a credit. Be sure to check your own state’s high school requirements to know how to award credit to a class.

Your student’s homeschool high school transcript should include their name, graduation year, courses completed, grades awarded, and any other test scores, such as ACT or SAT. Their high school transcript is not the place to put the description for all of their courses. Instead, attach a separate “course description” page that allows you to describe the curriculum used for each class. On this page, you can also add extracurricular activities and work-study programs.

Keeping your homeschooled high schooler’s transcript simple makes it easier for college admissions counselors to read and understand. Save the literary work of art version for yourself. You are the one who appreciates every one of your child’s accomplishments.




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