highlights from last weekend

F211F17B-C7AA-488F-B658-14019801DF63A week ago, I spent the weekend involved behind-the-scenes with the Indiana Association of Home Educators 2018 Convention, lovingly refer to as #Snowvention18. After all the snow measurement reports came in, somewhere around 8-10″ that fell during the day on Saturday. It was stunningly beautiful!



I am blessed beyond words to be a part of #teamIAHE as IAHE’s volunteer Social Media Manager. I have the unique privilege of introducing myself to our speakers and vendors and asking them for a Facebook Live video. Some were a little cautious to speak to the camera on my phone and others were excited to be asked. All were incredibly gracious to the idea that I wanted to include them in our festivities. At last count, there are about 30 videos from the weekend on the IAHE Facebook page.


Social media is a great platform but meeting people in real life is so much better. Not only did I get to see homeschooling friends that I don’t often run into, but I also got to meet new friends. This lady encourages me so. I am so very grateful our paths collided on Facebook in anticipation of the Convention and we got to meet face to face in a snowstorm. I look forward to the day we see each other again!






I was given the opportunity to share a workshop “7 Work From Home Options For the Homeschool Mom.” Two of my local homeschooling friends came to my workshop and my cousin sat in the front row! What a blessing to have friends and family in the audience to give me feedback. Aside from a tech glitch, it was a great time. 🙂


F05DEB84-5F6F-49BB-8E8D-A7B2F16E50FAAfter we left Indy, I realized I never got a picture of my cousin, Susan, and I at the Convention. 😦 She’s an Ohio homeschooler and yet she came and spent her entire weekend in Indy! Honestly, she is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I am so grateful for her love and encouragement and the time we had together!

As I’ve been soul-searching this winter for “what’s next?” I’ve realized that homeschooling is my community. It is where I belong and where I can serve best. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to serve Him in this way.






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