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I didn’t know, until today, how beautiful a burial with military honors could be. The honor guard, the flag, the salute, the bugler, the playing of Taps, the presentation of the flag. All of it. Amazing.





IMG_0047I miss him. He was a big part of our lives for the past dozen years. Aside from my own parents, I’m not sure anyone has prayed more for our family than this man. And, there are so many different families who can say that. During the service today, my dear friend and pastor asked, “Who will pray for us now?” I wonder.





And, I miss him. Sixteen years is a long time and also not very much time at all. I was overcome, again today, with the fact that I will never get over the hole he left in my heart. His is an indelible mark and I am grateful that I was the one entrusted with him.




Church is family and our roots are deep. For the same dozen years, we’ve been part of this family that has grown together. Our roots are now entwined and sometimes it is hard to figure out where one family stops and another starts. The only words I have are thank You!






This one. She makes my heart do funny things. I am quite certain she has so very much to teach me and right now I can not get enough of her or her parents. Honestly, they’re the world’s greatest parents and I am in awe of it all. Simply in awe.


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