on writing my story, mothering, and homeschooling

It seems like it’s been a bit louder, a bit crazier, a bit more chaotic around these parts than normal.

Perhaps not.

Maybe it’s just loud, crazy, and chaotic in my heart.

Sometimes it does my heart good to slow down, to record thoughts, to savor moments. This little corner of the web used to be that place for me. The place where I worked out my salvation with a lot of fear and trembling. The space where I recorded it all so I wouldn’t forget a moment. The place I wrote my story.

I used to write much about my mothering journey. However, my kids are all grown, or nearly grown. So much of what I would write about my own life, struggles, etc., are interlaced with theirs. I cannot separate my own story and their privacy. So, I write less because they’re stories are just that…. their own words to write (one of them writes her story here).

Today,  I’m back. I’m recording, again, to remember… 7 things on the 7th day of May.


She’s a month old today. All I can say to that is that I had no idea. No idea the emotions this little girl would bring to my heart. No idea that I would feel love this deep again. No idea the joy it brings to watch my kids parent. Simply no idea.


He’s been back from Guatemala for a week and I can’t get enough of him either. He was gone 11 days this time and I’ve decided 11 days is too long to be away from him. I love that the longer we are married the more I miss him when we are apart. He truly is my favorite human being. Ever.


I said “see ya later” to this lake over the weekend. Forty-nine years I’ve loved this lake and the memories it holds. It’s been my go-to place for sanctuary and solitude. I’ve healed from losses here and gained so much more in deep, rich memories. I am deeply grateful to my grandparents and my parents for creating this love affair.


Church has been hard for my heart lately. I can’t put it all into words but Jesus and I are working through it. A friend once said, “When sinners rub shoulders there is bound to be friction and sparks.” Truth. But this… what this picture doesn’t show is that just the moment before there were hands raised in worship and a sister sitting a few rows behind with her hands raised too. This mama’s heart burst and tears flowed. So many prayers over the years for my children to develop their own relationship with Jesus and to find a soulmate who loves Jesus more than them. That God gave me a glimpse of the answer to my prayers slayed me. I am grateful!


Screenshot (3437)

This. God stretched me way outside of my comfort zone. I submitted 3 workshops to be part of this fantastic opportunity for homeschool moms coming up the first week of June. In the process, I learned much about myself… namely even though I love to speak, I would never make it as a broadcaster. I need human interaction. Sitting with a mic and my own voice doesn’t cut it for me. Stay tuned for more information!

Screenshot (3436)

And this. I am so excited that God is bringing this all together. Several weeks ago I sat with my friend, Kristen, over coffee and we shared our dreams. Together, we’ve watched God combine our dreams and provide us with some amazing opportunities to serve homeschool families in Northern Indiana.

June 4, 2018, 6 pm-9pm, we are hosting The Gathering Homeschool Expo on the campus of Grace College in Winona Lake, IN. This family-friendly event will showcase local homeschool opportunities, a used curriculum sale, workshops on special needs and dual credit, and we will have Tara Bentley of the Indiana Association of Home Educators and Todd Wilson, The Familyman sharing wit and wisdom. For less than a cup of coffee ($2/adult) families can come learn what is available, purchase used books, and learn together.

Plans are also coming together for a homeschool mom enrichment day on Saturday, February 2, 2019, here in Warsaw, IN. We will be offering a limited seating opportunity for homeschool moms to rest and renew with Susan Dallam, COO of Bright Ideas Press. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon dessert will be provided, as well as workshops to choose from and vendors to visit. Stay tuned for ticket sales and more information!

Screenshot (3438)

And also, this. I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned from sixteen years of schooling at home with this fantastic company. I’ve joined Fingerprint Tutoring and Services as their homeschool consultant. Fingerprint Tutoring and Services is now offering individual classes for homeschool students taught by those trained in a particular field. Not only am I consulting but since I earned a minor in both political science and Bible, I will be teaching high school government and Bible in the fall.


There you have it. The reason for the crazy, chaotic, and loud.

And, also the reason my heart is full of gratitude.

I used to think there was a point on my timeline when life would slow down. I now know that it simply picks up speed and is fuller and richer than I ever imagined.





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