the secret ingredient to a weighty homeschool transcript


After two years at our local Christian academy, this one decided that she wanted to come back home for high school. At that moment, all my “what about high school?” fears came rushing back. Even after homeschooling for over ten years and teaching all three of my kids how to read, write, spell, add, subtract, multiply and divide, the thought of homeschooling high school scared me.

Yet, for the love of this sweet soul, we plunged into the deep end of homeschool. And, we not only finished, we finished well. I hope I never forget the day she got her acceptance letter to the nursing program of her choice. She beamed, “I did it, Mom!”

Here’s the funny thing. It wasn’t until after that acceptance letter came that I understood the value of Emme’s high school transcript. When she applied to this school, I might have told her something like, “Go ahead and apply. It’ll be a good experience but I don’t think you’ll be accepted with your homeschool diploma.” Seriously. I truly said those words. Not one of my more stellar mom moments.

Not only was she accepted into the university, she was enrolled directly into their nursing program.  I think I was the only one who was amazed.

Looking back, I realized that what I considered a well-rounded homeschool transcript was actually a very weighty high school transcript. Thanks to dual credit classes from two different colleges in our area, Emme’s homeschool transcript has 34 college credits attached.

I now share this secret with other homeschool families who are navigating the waters of the homeschool deep end. Dual credit classes are well worth the investment. They add weight to a homeschool high school transcript and perhaps open doors you otherwise thought were closed.

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