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cropped-img_8615.jpgMany years ago, I wrote individual Bible studies and church curriculum for my own children and for the children in our small congregation.  I have never charged for these studies.  Freely they were given to me, freely I will send them on.  For a time, these studies were hosted on a site that claimed to be free.  However, the site soon charged those seeking and I withdrew them.

Some have been uploaded to Amazon and are available for $.99. Please, check Amazon as there are more listed there than are shown here. If you would like me to send you a free, reproducible .pdf file, please email me at and I would be happy to do so.





5 thoughts on “for free

  1. I teach 2 girls at our Wednesday night classes (9 & 12). When I asked what they would like to do next in our class they said they wanted to do a “real” Bible study….with homework! I had found your “Be an Example” study on Amazon a while back and pulled it up on my Kindle app on my phone and discussed it with them and they are so excited to do this study. We start next week and I just downloaded the PDF so they can have worksheets.

    Thank you for the resource.

  2. I am ten years old and I love all of your bible studies. I have changed from somebody who never wanted to go to church and didn’t really believe, to someone who loves to go to church and wants to walk with God for the rest of their life. THANK YOU

  3. I have just found your study on Be Their Example. I teach this age group on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights and can’t wait to use your studies!! I am going to start with Be Their Example. Hope to use the others at a later time!!

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