my story


IMG_6566I’m Heidi… wife of 23 years to Chad, my nurse and the one who holds my heart.  A long time ago, we met at a summer camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  His smile and that twinkle in his eyes caught my attention. After that summer of working together, I fell in love with that heart that loves Jesus. After two decades years of living together, he knows me better than I know myself.


Our years together have been full of laughter and joy, as well as tears and sorrow. We’ve had ups and downs and everything in between. It’s not been easy but there is nothing in my life more fulfilling than being married to this man. My life looks nothing like I planned when my 18-year-old self dreamed of the future and is better than I ever imagined.

Together, Chad and I parent our 3 E’s…

Eric… the one who made me a mother twenty years ago. I kinda of think he’s tall, not so dark, and good-looking. I’m not alone.  His wife, Lexi, agrees.wedding1

Homeschooled until the second semester of 8th grade, I’ve been amazed and in awe of the goodness of God as I’ve watched my son not only transfer well to public school but graduate with honors. He is now a happily married.

Eric is a great adventurer. His love for Jesus is bone-deep and he’s not afraid to share his faith with others.

emmesrEmme… the one who is known for her love of Jesus and love of people. I don’t think she knows what an enemy is. Dark hair, dark eyes, and a beauty that is heart deep, she’s the most beautiful 18-year-old I know.

Emme schooled at home with me through sixth grade. God granted her an amazing opportunity when she won a full scholarship for 7th grade at our local Christian academy. She returned for eighth grade and then came back home for high school. She graduated homeschooled and is working on her nursing degree.

Emme loves Jesus, her friends, and our nine-year-old black lab/chow mix named Ebony.


ellen75Ellen…  Over four years younger than Emme, Ellen is our gift of mercy. She came as a direct answer to this mourning mother’s heart’s cry and she’s kept us on our toes ever since.

Ellen is in 8th grade and continues to school at home. She plays volleyball, can throw a shot and a discus with ease and loves home improvement projects. She dreams big dreams and is currently renovating a 1964 BeeLine travel trailer.

Ellen loves Jesus, biking, home decorating, and her friends.